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In 1986 Guy Cooper established his customer focused, integrity based auto repair service; In 2007 The Healthy Car Guy radio show was launched originally as the marketing arm of his auto repair service, now a consumer educational platform.

The Healthy Car Guy Consulting and Training Solution was developed to expand and enrich the community of honest, competent automotive repair services. The average auto repair facility loses a minimum of 18% of their customers to an employee with a wrong attitude and usually no one even knows the customers are gone. Guy Cooper, 25 year veteran repair shop owner & customer service expert, reveals his proven customer retention principles and practical customer service expertise to engage your employees in properly meeting your clients needs.

Our mission is to increase your company’s net profit through measurably enriched employee engagement, customer retention, and complete company satisfaction.

We start by assessing your companies needs and then assist you with applying the soft skills necessary to equip your employees. This system teaches each employee how to give your customers the quality they are looking for, ultimately increasing your net profit. You will also gain increased synergy and productive company wide cultural engagement.

Oh, by the way, quality is defined by the CUSTOMER alone!

QUALITY = A Competent, Honest Product or Service + The Way Your Customer Is Taken Care Of By Each Employee That Touches Them During The Transaction!

Are YOU Ready To Have Better Employees – Better Customers – and A Better Bottom Line?

Let’s Get Started!

Fill out the No Cost  No Obligation form to the right and receive our free assessment. In this assessment we do all the work and you get all the credit!

See YOU At The Top!

Customer Service is the main driver to increased profits and a successful company!


Guy A. Cooper


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