Mar 052013

We have more time savings gadgets today than ever, yet we are running around with our heads on fire trying to accomplish…

Every one of us can tell a story about how we or someone we know runs around putting out crises.

And we all know if we plan better we could accomplish more.

If this is so easy why aren’t we doing it? As easy as it is to do, it’s easier not to do. Planning, though easy takes a considerable amount of discipline.

And Don’t forget it yields a very handsome return on investment!

I have witnessed people in every level of organizations run around putting out crises that could have been stopped with some planning or even asking questions, which I will talk more about later. The crisis of handling the urgent in place of the important is an unnecessary burden that puts undo pressure on everyone involved. I have found with exposure and proper training everyone in the company can be a part of the resolution. After all Trust Me everyone in the organization is impacted.

Companies that Build Teams who Focus on tasks that produce Success excel against teams that do not! I know this sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at the number of task performed daily that fight against the success of you and your Company!

Many times we find ourselves managing the concerns that have penetrated our awareness in the moment!

Some of those concerns are important tasks gone undone, to become urgent

Other unimportant concerns should be reschedule, reassign or dismiss.

These missed managed resources are unrewarding for managers, team members and customers.

Increase customer satisfaction, customer retention