Jul 272013

Barriers That Slow Teams Down

Lack of Trust
This is the foundation of all relationships, if you don’t get past this barrier the relationship will never get off the ground to grow into its potential.
When we break Trust down into its simplest form it is comprised of two components.

Competence & Character
 Competence
o Can the person do what they say
o Is the person aware when they don’t know

 Character
o Will the person do what they said
o Will they let you know if they cannot

Fear of Engagement
o Engaged employees are one of your greatest assets to engage your clients
o Less engaged employees create less engaged clients

Lack of Commitment
o Committed employees connect to their team and customers far better than their lessor committed peers
o Commitment is contagious

Dodging Accountability
o Accountability is attractive to your clients
o It shows clients that they can depend on each team member that holds to the standard
o Even if the team member is not able to perform the task required, because the team member is accountable to the best interest of the client, your clients are more likely to be comfortable with the entire team.