Feb 222013

A Bad Employee Attitude is a Huge Obstacle for Your Customer!

The average business loses $5,000 – $20,000 a month to a bad attitude they don’t even see!

RIGHT NOW you may have customers thinking about taking their business somewhere else because of a bad attitude they received from someone in your establishment.

“According to a survey released by the Wharton School Business, a typical business only hears from 4% of their dissatisfied customers, the other 96% leave quietly. Of that 96%, 68% never reveal their dissatisfaction when they perceive an attitude of indifference in the owner, manager or employee.

To combat this type of concern, many companies employ policies and procedures designed to discipline team members into a posture desired to take care of the customer. This methodology is usually only partially effective in its design because it can penalize the highest producers in your company by creating barriers, while providing the slackers with an opportunity to find new ways through the policy and procedural net built to stop them!

Usually these types of policies and procedures are created to protect the company and customers from unproductive team members who are more concerned with personal gain for themselves than mutual gain for the entire company. This type of team member looks for ways to short cut getting his or her job done and possibly abusing the system.

The attitude of your slackers is eroding your company and your employees’:

  • Morale
  • Trust
  • Productivity
  • Competitiveness

If you and your company are not meeting the above standards, you are not alone as these are very common concerns.