Mar 052013

We have all experienced chaos in the work environment at one time or another. One minute you’re working at a smooth pace and things are going just fine; for Balanced Planning the most part. The next moment you have management flying by the seat of their pants trying to complete a project, assigning tasks to pretty much anyone they can find to complete this idea they thought about a day earlier. Whether it’s generating new leads for the sales team, a new website, or planning a holiday party, unplanned projects that aren’t thought through lead to disaster. In many cases your company will slowly start becoming less profitable and less productive.

Not having processes or procedures in place can lead to many issues across you organization. Slowly your teams morale, competitiveness, and productivity start dropping and the trust in one another fades. It’s like a virus that starts to eat away at your workforce and once something like this occurs, it’s very hard to stop it let alone reverse it!

Management and staff members are running around putting out fires and fixing problems instead of being more effective in their day-to-day jobs. This will always have an impact on your customer in some way or another and they will surely notice that there are problems or a lack of procedures and policies internally. Many people think they can hide these things from the customer or that the customer will not notice. Those people are wrong, the customer can and will notice the slightest change in the service they are getting, the attitude they receive from your front line employees and even the tone in their voice. These are all things that can and will cause you to lose customers and sometimes, by the time you or anyone notice what’s going on it’s too late to make any changes. These customers will take their business elsewhere and are left with a bad taste in their mouth due to something that easily could have been avoided.

Most companies are reacting to situations like this and not being proactive about it and preventing the problem before it occurs. So if you would like to overcome this challenge or even learn how it can be avoided, we can teach you how other companies have learned to manage their business and employees successfully. Furthermore this will help your company and it’s employees be more profitable and productive moving forward!

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