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Without your staff, you would not have a product to sell or a service to deliver to your customers. Yet they are also one of the biggest costs to your business and you’ll want to increase the return on your investment. One way is to increase your team’sproductivity.

There are many ways in which you can achieve this and here are some of the best.

1. Increase Employee Efficiency

One of the best ways that you can improve your employee’s productivity is to increase their effectiveness and utilisation. This should be done by enabling them to complete tasks effectively, i.e. on their first attempt and within a reasonable timeframe. This will create greater capacity and add value to your business without the need to increase the headcount.

To do this you need to understand the tasks of your employees and how long it should take for your staff to complete each task. Then you should monitor their output to ensure that they are keeping up with the time limits that you’ve setup.

If your team is not able to complete the work in time, you need to understand the cause and discover how you can facilitate a more efficient way to complete the tasks.

This can help you increase your staff’s productivity by up to 40%; giving you significant potential for increasing revenue and profit.

2. Employee Engagement

Maintaining your employees happiness is actually one of the best ways you can increase their productivity. According to research from the University of Warwick, making employees happy can improve production by 12%. In creative industries, happy workers can be as much as 50% more productive. In addition, another piece of academic research has found that workers who are happy, will perform their least favourite tasks better.

There are many ways to make employees feel appreciated, such as offering competitive compensation packages, training and rewarding them for good work. Building a relationship where communication is two-way can also create a happy environment.

3. Regular, Balanced and Objective Feedback

For production to improve, you’ll need to ensure your staff are being efficient in their working habits. They may be doing some tasks out of the most effective order. To improve their performance, provide regular meetings to offer guidance and support. At the same time, offer praise for jobs well done.

Here are some tips on how to provide the best feedback:

  • Demonstrate that you care about your employee and you want them to succeed.
  • Ask permission before you provide suggestions.
  • Don’t use negative language.
  • Be specific in your feedback.
  • Be quick. When you’ve noticed something that needs to be addressed, speak to your member of staff promptly.
  • Pick the right time and place to give the feedback to your staff member.

4. Promote Team Working

Team work is one of the best ways to increase productivity within your organisation. By combining your best staff, so they can complement each other’s strengths and provide support for individual weaknesses, you will gain a highly skilled team.

Research has also shown, that in the manufacturing industry, low skilled employees working as a team can have powerful problem solving capability.

5. Working Conditions

Your workers’ mood and productivity levels will make a difference to their productivity. Studies have demonstrated that cold temperatures decrease happiness levels and increase loneliness. This can have a serious impact on your team’s productivity.

Other research has found that maintaining your room temperature between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius will keep employees happy and productive.

Lighting is also important. Low lighting can cause headaches and eye strain that can lower production levels. In fact, 68% of employees consider lighting in their offices to be insufficient. It is important to ensure your staff have access to natural light as this has more benefit than artificial light.

At the same time you should reduce the noise levels within your office. Too much noise has been found to inhibit recall and performance of basic tasks. Therefore, limit noise to only that which is necessary.


You want your teams to be productive. This is the only way you can keep costs the same while improving your profits. Therefore, finding ways to increase your teams’ productivity is essential. Use some of the tips above to increase their production, your revenue and profit.

For further support use our business improvement service. Our clients have found improvement in their staff production of between 10 and 40% and their engagement levels to increase by up to 20%; supporting revenue and profit growth.

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